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Jake Mechaell (8.50 Bike)
Latest news:

20th November: A gathering of geezers.
See Post en Dros for 10% off Racepak.

16th November: Swift snippets.
2017 Czech Series standings.

15th November: FAO SPRC Perpetual trophy holders.
More possible sightings...

13th November: Overheard on the South Coast...
Swift snippets.

11th November: Utility Cart auction update.
SPR and Lucas play the Classic.
Swift snippets.

10th November: Smax loses Ground.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

7th November: Swift snippets.

4th November: Men on gas.
Man on nitro.
The sale is off...
Swift snippets.
Morris goes GET'M.
BDRHoF to hold charity auctions.

1st November: NSRA events move to Santa Pod.

30th October: Halloween Bonfire Burn-Up gallery.

28th October: Flame and Thunder Show gallery.

27th October: 2017's last 200 mph shot.
A Fuel Altered with cheerleaders.
Swift snippets.
York Raceway nears first target.
Event Coverage double-header.

25th October: Swift snippets.

24th October: Heaven in Hyperborea.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

23rd October: Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

22nd October: Single to Chicago, please...

21st October: Return of the DoorSlammers.

18th October: Bakersfield, via Chicago.
OCS Group open for business.

17th October: UK Tech Committee last call.

13th October: All welcome at SCR Track Weekend.
Swift snippets.
Help SPR answer the Vnuk call to arms.
An off-season as busy as racing...
Jolink closes out 42nd year.
Web site updates.

11th October: Free Bench Race seats selling out.

9th October: UK Tech Committee meeting.
You're gonna need a bigger block...
Swift snippets.

7th October: Another defeat, but Bloodwise win.

6th October: FAO racers: SPRC prize funds.
2017 BDRHoF Allard Award winners.
Hall of Fame Gala stop press.
Altereds juiced by VP Racing Fuels.
See ARRC for Wilwood Brakes.

4th October: Lost a weather station?
Hall of Fame Gala hotel filling.
Swift snippets.

3rd October: Thanks a million!
Swift snippets.

2nd October: Forster's fitting finale.
Swift snippets.
Bennetts welcome CTM Performance.
Bench Race III now booking.

29th September: Final UK, SPRC points posted.

28th September: Lady's first.
Swift snippets.
York Raceway closes out 2017.
The best possible field trip.

27th September: Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

24th September: 2017 UK Champions.
UK National Finals results.
Get Well Soon Jerry!

23rd September: Swift snippets.
Pipped by Spiderman.

22nd September: Time to take a Gamble.
Swift snippets.

21st September: KB sings the rainy day blues.
2018 SPRC Dinner Dance.
Anglias close 2017 in style.
Swift snippets.
A busy season in the bag.
European Top Gas Round 5 review.

20th September: Attention FIM Europe racers.
Oblivion gets unbent.
Extra Perfect Award funds for Bloodwise.

19th September: UK National Finals racer update.
2017 UK Championship outcomes.
Wild Bunch Finals preview.
Miss Billie's successful new ride.
Sportsmanship decides the title.
The European Finals win.
Hot pipes at the Reunion.
Web site updates.

18th September: Racers v SPR/SPRC 2017: You can help.
NSRA Hot Rod Drags galleries.

16th September: Swift snippets.
Early snow.

14th September: Event entry update.
FIA/FIM European Finals mop-up.
Swift snippets.
First BDRHoF Benevolent Fund donation.
Millican, Lutz, Lindberg, Record for HoF Gala.

11th September: Colin Digby.

10th September: 2017 European Champions.
FIA/FIM European Finals rained out.

8th September: Attention FIM Europe racers.
Fensome goes Super Pro.
Matthew: Got the T-Shirt.

6th September: Free Evening Nitro seats for race teams.
Finals painting raffle for BDRHoF.

5th September: Event entry update.
Erbachers aim to team up.
Let the fun begin!
Salakari's cold world best.
FIA/FIM European Finals Perfect Awards.

4th September: Curbishley Fixed again for Finals.
Swift snippets.
Seasons of stats. Gallery catch-up.
Lucas Oil sponsor Allard Awards.

3rd September: VW Action coverage.
FIA/FIM European Finals racer update.

2nd September: Event entry update.
Lady first.
Grumpy's Fun Day.
Nitro bests jet fuel again.
Swift snippets.
Top Gas Round 4 review.
Gender Wars loom at Santa Pod.
Web site updates.

1st September: Finals FIA / FIM prizegiving.
Event entry update.
Swift snippets.
Accommodation offered near SPR.

30th August: Event entry update.
Adding Fuel to the fire.
2017 APIRA Champions.
Swift snippets.

29th August: APIRA Open Sport Nationals results.

27th August: Dico Internationals results.
Swift snippets.

24th August: Open Sport Nationals racer update.
Open Sport Nationals Perfect Awards.

22nd August: Open Sport Nationals racer update.
Statement from York Raceway.
Flame and Thunder demos sought.
I think it was the leathers...
Read makes history yet again.

21st August: NitrOlympX results.

18th August: Open Sport Nationals entry update.

17th August: Racers invited to promote Finals.

16th August: Remembering Sag.

15th August: Event entry update.
Moores announce retirement.
Germany calling.
Three Englishmen on Fuel.

14th August: £200,000 to save York Raceway.
Two tributes.
Swift snippets.
Success at Clastres.
UK Top Sportsman review.
Web site updates.

12th August: Hockenheim track prep report.
Event entry update.

10th August: Sag Southworth.
Mini in the Park demos sought.
Swift snippets.
Event entry update.

9th August: Smoke and nonsense.
Swift snippets.
European Top Gas Round 3 report.

7th August: Ready for all comers.
Swift snippets.
Smax and the maddening TAFC.

5th August: Dave Burfitt.
Swift snippets.
Have you seen this caravan?

3rd August: Demos sought for Junior Fun Day.
The pitfalls of steel.
Street Car Shootout pictures.

2nd August: Ballooning in Canada.
Swift snippets.

1st August: Ted Peddle.
Of Vipers and lamb shanks.
Swift snippets.

31st July: Mopar EuroNationals results.

30th July: Swift snippets.

29th July: Warpspeed for Hockenheim.

28th July: From £907 to £1000?
Swift snippets.
DFDS ferry discount continues.
A Kalitta collective at BDRHoF Gala.
Web site updates.

27th July: Bug Jam racer credit.

26th July: 50 Shades of Macmillan.
Swift snippets.
Mopars Perfection extended.
Weekend webcasts.

25th July: Event entry update.

24th July: Feature: Bowling Green Blog.
Bug Jam rained out.
Swift snippets.
Bennetts join the Posse.

22nd July: Won the Circus, won the Wars.
Nearly set for the salt.
Web site updates.

21st July: Swift snippets.
No Prep, no problem.
Allard Awards still open.

20th July: Event entry update.
Mopar EuroNats racer update.
Pursley takes Street Racer title.

19th July: And the prize goes to...
Swift snippets.
Bug Jam Perfect Awards.

18th July: Bug Jam racer update.

17th July: Diapers at the NitrOlympX.
Dragstalgia results.

15th July: Bradbury inducted into Hall of Fame.

14th July: British Drag Racing Hall of Fame 2017.
Dragstalgia: The Ever-Presents.
SPR Junior Fun Day entry.
More money for UK Top Sportsman.
Swift snippets.

13th July: Northern Summer Nationals review.

12th July: NitrOlympX Junior Dragster harnesses.
Web site updates.

11th July: FAO Super Street Bike racers.
Dragstalgia racer and fan update.
Another Perfect Dragstalgia bonus.
An old-school reunion.
The retirement is off!
Ålund doubles up again.
Swift snippets.

10th July: Hockenheim prepping to prep.
Double your numbers.
Swift snippets.

9th July: Mister Six goes to Dragstalgia.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

8th July: Terry Chandler.
Swift snippets.
Coffee + cake = cancer beaten.
Reunited and it feels so good...

7th July: Event entry update.
500% for Panda... we can do it.

6th July: Dragstalgia bike preview.
Smax rocks Jersey.
Web site updates.

4th July: Event entry update.
An Anniversary to remember.
Guess the outcome...
Swift snippets.
Gun for hire.

2nd July: Your Sunday winners.
Swift snippets.

1st July: Swift snippets.
K&N Filters back the Bennetts.
Lindtek join VP distributors.

News in
Bond's thanks.
A Stocker in waiting.
Walters' season so far.
Gasserly love.
Drag racing does Goodwood.
SFI issue Non-Compliance Notice.
SPRC prize money, Comp update.
NSRA Nostalgia Nationals galleries.
Priddle's birthday banner day.
SPRC Summernationals curtailed.
£2000 for Finals Super Gas win.
Bonneville: The return.
Everyone knew, save the winners...
From air strip to drag strip.
Did drag racing start in Eire?
Street and Strip back Ruaridh.
Three Gumbys and a Fuel Altered.
Overpowered and over here.
Feature: 1970s Santa Pod gallery.
Bartlett on the Main Event.
European Top Gas Round 2 review.
What he said would never happen...
Main Event Street Eliminator review.
She Devil and the history books.
Smax drills The Sarge.
Serck Motorsport back Outlaw Anglia.
Shifting sands.
King does Valdosta.
New car, new class... same outcome.
Nicholson evokes Churchill.
Volkspower Powerfest report.
Shining in Toronto.
Corbeau harness recall.
FIA/FIM Main Event snippets.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.