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Stephen West (Sportsman ET)
Latest news:

16th January: 2019 FIM rules posted.

15th January: Heads-Up! It's the VWDRC.

14th January: Autosport International report.

13th January: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 5.
Autosport International gallery.

11th January: Doorslammers on TV tomorrow.
Jedborn to drive StigO TMD.
Swift snippets.
Autosport attractions.

10th January: The Appeal of Autosport.
First Fireforce for sale.

9th January: FAO UK Junior Drag Bike racers.
As used in your daily ride...
New VP fuels at Autosport.

8th January: UK Championships points change.
2019 FIA Championship rules posted.
Discounted DFDS ferry rates continue.

7th January: Book review: Fuelin' Around.

6th January: Gulf Oil team shine in USA.
Swift snippets.

5th January: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 4.
2019 SPRC Dinner Dance reminder.
Prefects and Anglias, oh my.

4th January: 2019 UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting.

1st January: No 2019 races at York, refunds planned.

30th December: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 3.

28th December: Sparky Perry.

24th December: Drag Racing Unplugged XX.
2018 Champions' Champions.
Swift snippets. Christmas lists.

22nd December: SPRC's Christmas wishes.
SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 2.

21st December: Swift snippets.
New UK, Eire distributor for VP.

19th December: Mafe Rotherham.

18th December: 2019 Doorslammers entry open.
Swift snippets.

17th December: Wall art marks Tudor Rose 50th.

16th December: SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 1.
Perpetual Trophy return.

14th December: Zeon TV DVDs review.

13th December: Important UK crash helmet update.

12th December: Happy 50th John Woolfe Racing!
Swift snippets.
Another award for VP.

11th December: Swift snippets.

9th December: Malta puts out the red carpet.
Swift snippets.

7th December: 2019 Dragstalgia entry open.
Anita collects her trophy.

6th December: Silencing for UK Junior Dragsters, FCs.

5th December: 2019 FIA calendar confirmed.
Zeon TV 2018 DVDs now on sale.

3rd December: Nicholson seeks Pro Mod crew.
Web site updates.

1st December: Swift snippets.

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Wild Bunch honour 2018 winners.
Mister Six book review.
How proud can a dad be?
Cam Auto Stick with Jordan.
BDRHoF do the honours.
Hall of Fame Bench Race report.
A return for Mister Six.
King back in the hot seat.
Stardust chassis stolen from Santa Pod.
A tricky season.
Shaking it on the salt.
Kuhns honoured by Lucas Oil Award.
Will Ven recognise his bike?
Helzapoppin' for the Med.
ATD Champions, looking to 2019.
Feature: SEMA Show gallery.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.