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Latest news:

16th September: NSRA Hot Rod Drags results.

15th September: Ady Randle's funeral.
Bloodwise support National Finals.
Swift snippets.
Twelve to Five.
Malmgren happy at three.
Willinger on Drag Week.
European Top Gas Round 5 report.
Juniors fêted at Hall of Fame Gala.

13th September: Back to the Field of Dreams.
Swift snippets.
Outlaw Anglias wrap up 2019.
A legend returns.

11th September: Lacey's tribute to Ady Randle.

10th September: FIA/FIM European Finals numbers.
Swift snippets.
Enter EFEst.
Simpson's BDRHoF Achievement Award.

9th September: 2019 European Champions.
FIA/FIM European Finals results.

3rd September: Print media attend European Finals.
Swift snippets.
FIA/FIM European Finals Perfect Awards.
Pro Peak Performance Day coverage.
Web site updates.

1st September: VW Action galleries.
Grand response to Ugly Shirt auction.

31st August: Tomorrow's Peak Performance Day sold out.
FIA/FIM European Finals racer update.
SPRC offer on-line timing slips.
STP UK National Finals entry update.
Flame and Thunder demos filling up.
Lisle gains Core support.
Another title in the bag.
European Top Gas Round 5 review.

30th August: European Finals FIA/FIM prizegiving.
Deadline Friday.
Tierp 2 records and reports.
Swift snippets.
Double trouble at Hockenheim.
Claire takes the title.

28th August: Coming soon to Street Eliminator...
Swift snippets.
Pro Mod parts for sale at 14:30.

27th August: Flame and Thunder demos sought.
Swift snippets.

26th August: Summit Internationals results.

23rd August: Junior Drag Racing Fun Day coverage.
Habermanns withdraw from Finals.
Swift snippets.

21st August: Summit Internationals webcast, alerts.
Hall of Fame Gala selling fast.
Ålund's second double.

20th August: Anita featured.
The weekend's numbers.
Swift snippets.
Ugly T-Shirt auction update.

19th August: NitrOlympX results.
Green Light Nationals results.

14th August: NitrOlympX webcast.

13th August: FIA/FIM European Finals entry.
Swift snippets.

12th August: Green Light Nationals Perfect Awards.
NitrOlympX coverage and (many) more.

11th August: Rodman returns.
Melbourne's rebirth.
Swift snippets.
Parkes and team take the Purple.
BDRHoF Gala venue refurbished.

10th August: Green Light Nationals racer update.

8th August: FIA/FIM European Finals entry.
Be there, do that, get the T-Shirt.
Bike benefits Bloodwise.
Web site updates.

7th August: Helmut Hagemann.

6th August: Björn Mårtensson.

5th August: Mopar EuroNationals results.
Linn's banner weekend.
Swift snippets.

4th August: FIA/FIM European Finals entry.

2nd August: Swift snippets.
Felstead checks in.

1st August: Smallworth lets Dawg off the lead.
Precipitation denies potential.
Swift snippets.
Mopar EuroNationals Perfect Awards.
Web site updates.

31st July: Credit for Bug Jam racers.
FIA/FIM European Finals entry.
From inside the inferno.

30th July: Event updates.
Swift snippets.

29th July: Bloodwise win Reaction Time Award.

28th July: Bug Jam rained out.
Silverstone Classic gallery.
Swift snippets.

27th July: Swift snippets.
Another Swedish invasion.

26th July: Event entries closing.
Tebenham takes up smoking.
Swift snippets.

25th July: Get Ugly for Bloodwise.
Anglias field biggest field.
Swift snippets.
Ålund visits Kauhava.
Web site updates.

23rd July: Green Light Nationals entry.
Bug Jam Perfect Awards.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

21st July: Event entry update.
Swift snippets.
Enter the Bug.

20th July: Tesco petrol station closed.
Damn Yankees Car Show tomorrow.
Green Light Pro entry still open.

19th July: Bug Jam racer update.
Swift snippets.

18th July: Polish your RTs, win big.
Wilding wins Spirit Award.
NSRA Dragstalgia Top Five.

16th July: Post-Dragstalgia notes.
Swift snippets.

15th July: Dragstalgia results.

12th July: British Drag Racing Hall of Fame 2019.

11th July: Dragstalgia on two wheels.
Pop go the Anglias.
Swift snippets.

10th July: Event entry update.
Dragstalgia Perfect ET bonus.
Slingshot Showdown preview.
Wild Bunch preview.
Swift snippets.
Dragstalgia coverage.
Gane takes the Challenge.

10th July: Event entry update.
Dragstalgia Perfect ET bonus.
Slingshot Showdown preview.
Wild Bunch preview.
Swift snippets.
Dragstalgia coverage.
Gane takes the Challenge.

9th July: Dragstalgia Perfect Light bonus.
Swift snippets.

8th July: Mister Six goes to Dragstalgia.

7th July: FHRA Nitro Nationals winners.
Swift snippets.

6th July: We've done the Time Warp again.

5th July: SPR seek demo cars, bikes.
The Hawaiian has landed.
Swift snippets.

4th July: Dragstalgia racer update.
Deadline: Friday.
Not a bad start...
Swift snippets.
Dylan does drag racing.
Web site updates.

2nd July: Bug Jam entry update.
Elsom's FC needs a tow.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

1st July: Nostalgia FCs welcome.
Hit with the Ugly schtick.
Swift snippets.

30th June: Swift snippets.
The new Young Gun.

28th June: Bug Jam entry update.
Johnson's back.
See Nimbus for unleaded Fuse.

27th June: Nostalgia FCs sought for NitrOlympX.
Ramon stops a-Rockin'
HARA's half-century cackle.
Swift snippets.
Down to the wire.
A bloody Perfect weekend.
Spinner coming back, again.
Ålund's ups and downs.
European Top Gas Round 2 review.
Web site updates.

26th June: Bug Jam entry update.
VP Racing Fuels for Kauhava.
STP Summernationals timing data.
Swift snippets.

24th June: STP Summernationals results.

20th June: Norfolk no-prep.
As one Tour closes...
Nigel's gift to Nostalgia fans.
Swift snippets.
Accelerate that Bloodwise total.

19th June: Bug Jam entry update.
STP Summernationals snippet.
Dragstalgia gets Funnier.
No Prep and Nomads.
STP's return to Santa Pod.

18th June: STP Summernationals racer update.
Swift snippets.

17th June: NitrOlympX entry update.
STP Summernationals Perfect Awards.
Web site updates.

16th June: FAO UK racers: Race car log books.
York Raceway's gates reopen.

14th June: Remembering John Woolfe.
First of the 2020 calendars.

13th June: Kauhava: All you need to know.
Swift snippets.

12th June: Wouldn't it be Wobberly.
Tierp Internationals stats and more.

10th June: Tierp Internationals results, points.

7th June: The Hobbit retires.

6th June: Arthursson plays home fixture.
Swift snippets.
One for the team.

4th June: Making maintenance easier.
Swift snippets.
Ålund doubles up.

2nd June: Chisholm-Brown 2 for 2.
100e Challenge Round 2 report.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

1st June: Lightning strikes the Main Event.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

News in
FIA/FIM Main Event stats wrap-up.
Giselle's Thank You.
FIA/FIM Main Event results.
Hall of Fame's SPR donation.
European Top Gas Round 1 report.
Missing in action.
VP expands European logistics.
Johnny done Good.
Sawatzki tops run list.
Doorslammers results.
Doorslammers notebook.
Arthursson aims for title.
Take twenty three Anglias...
Mission nearly accomplished.
Super Pro ET Challenge underway.
Heads Up: are back.
NSRA Nostalgia Nationals results.
Racepak trackside support update.
NSRA Nostalgia Nationals notebook.
Stats package.
JT does it his way.
VWDRC Heads-Up 1 report.
All hail No Prep.
Santa Pod message to racers and crew.
Tierp, Kauhava FIM confirmed.
Venom found in pineapples?
Supercharged Outlaws open 2019 account.
Springspeed Nationals results.
Tethys back in the hot seat.
Flynn's campaign Accelerates.
Oh no... three of them!
Kunmadaras Super Street Bike report.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.