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Latest news:

7th March: Purdie's SO.
Swift snippets.

6th March: Spitfire Raceway returns.
Tributes to Ton Pels.
Position vacant at OCS Paint.
Streaming video from over the Pond.

5th March: Feature: The history of UK Pro Modified - part 3.
Swift snippets.

4th March: SPRC tyre and selfie request.
Ton Pels tribute from BDRHoF.

3rd March: Flyin Fyfer NitrOlympX road trip.
Street & Strip Times issue 7.

2nd March: Santa Pod Raceway cancels events.
Ton Pels.
Tributes to Ollie Burn.

1st March: 2021 SFI tour bulletin.
Shorty's new generation.
Pioneers' stories - Bill Haynes, part 1.

28th February: Kunmadaras FIM-E round cancelled.
Swift snippets.

26th February: Gullqvist looks forward.
Caroline Strand's new car.
Swift snippets.

24th February: Ollie Burn.
The Black Pearl.
Swift snippets.

23rd February: Carnet Zoom this Friday.
Sammy memories.
Swift snippets.

22nd February: Happy 60th Dez!
Pioneers' stories - Derek Metcalf, part 3.

21st February: Sammy's last run.

19th February: Carnet Zoom meeting planned.
Modurstang Mustang days.
Swift snippets.

18th February: UK Riders' & Drivers' Meeting report.

17th February: Mike Key tribute.
Custom Car Spring edition.
Swift snippets.

16th February: 1989 UK Pro Modified memories.
Mad Welshman wins.
Engagement congratulations.

15th February: Mike Key.
Pioneers' stories - Derek Metcalf, part 2.

14th February: Acceleration Archive's tribute to Lawrie.
Swift snippets.

13th February: Feature: The history of UK Pro Modified - part 2.
Request for 1989 APR programme.
Urgent BBC sale required.

12th February: ATA Carnet requirements.
Benito to Pro Mod.
Post & Dros MSD and Racepak advice.

10th February: SPRC team information request.

8th February: Pioneer stories.
Swift snippets.

7th February: Nitro bike opportunity.
Flamholc trying out no-prep.
Flathead birthday.

6th February: Oxford Builder resurrection.
Skye moves up to VWDRC.

1st February: A trophy for Big Keith.
Gooding wins in RRRC.
Event coverage plans.

30th January: Who's the King of the Street?

29th January: Keith Alder-Barber.

28th January: John Charlton funeral details.

25th January: Video of service in memory of Nev.
Video round-up.
Will wins RRRC event.

24th January: SPRC membership renewal.
Swift snippets.

23rd January: FIM-E dates, rules released.
Feature: the history of UK Pro Modified - part 1.

21st January: UK Riders' and Drivers' meeting to be podcast.
Rip Rap Racers return.

19th January: Nataas to chase NHRA Championship.

17th January: Melbourne Raceway No Prep 4 date.

16th January: Autosport International update.
Swift snippets.

15th January: John Charlton.
Pegasus Reborn for sale.

13th January: Santa Pod announces 2021 season schedule.
Nitro Revival cackles again.

12th January: Engine Performance Expo.

11th January: Nev Mottershead: funeral and donations.
November Nitro Revival.
Swift snippets.

9th January: FIM-E application form, medical requirements.
UK tracks announce 2021 dates.
Swift snippets.

8th January: SPRC travel advice.
Blog update.

7th January: Kågered retires.
Swift snippets.

6th January: Boston Brawler returns.

5th January: 2021 SPRC race numbers.
Drag-Seen still available.

4th January: 2020 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 5.

3rd January: Nev Mottershead: a tribute.

31st December: Nev Mottershead.
4Star Racing season review.
Swift snippets.

28th December: Andy Williams.
2020 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 4.
Mike's Summertime Blues.
Smax's seasonal sentiments.

27th December: Gerry Treit.

24th December: SPRC Christmas greeting.
Elsom's controversial Dirty Deeds.
Swift snippets.
2020 Champions' Champions.
Drag Racing Unplugged XXII. Christmas lists.

23rd December: 2021 FIA Tech Regs published.
Willi Hestermann.
Swift snippets.

22nd December: A-Fuel Team Sweden plan.
Swift snippets.

21st December: 2020 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 3.

19th December: Keith's Christmas message.
MERS named as Volvo supplier.

18th December: Gredzinski launches
Swift snippets.

17th December: FIA announces World Motorsport Council decisions.

16th December: March Meet moved to May.

14th December: 2020 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 2.

13th December: RRC build gallery - Studebaker Lark.

12th December: Paul Whitehouse's new print.
Neil Hunter tribute fund.

11th December: Swift snippets.

10th December: No Prep Nationals at Melbourne Raceway.
Autosport International spawns virtual show.
Swift snippets.

9th December: Feature: 1985 Penthouse/Virgin Atlantic Drag Bike Race.
Drag-Seen available.
Swift snippets.

7th December: Neil Hunter's funeral.
Spy picture.
2020 SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 1.
Swift snippets.

6th December: OA barriers broken - Down Under.
Scotty makes his move.

5th December: Micallef elected President.
Malta Shark Attack.
Swift snippets.

3rd December: Neil Hunter.
Racers licence applications for 2021.

2nd December: Drag racing at online race industry week.
Swap meet update.

1st December: RRC build gallery - Bernard Saz's Hotröen.
Swift snippets.
VP Racing Fuels consolidates UK operations.

30th November: JT finds his engine company.
Power Race Graphics launch colouring book.
Custom Car Jan '21.

29th November: Pete Nee.

28th November: Zeon DVD review.

27th November: Feature: Morgan Wilson, 2020 VW Sportsman winner.

26th November: 2021 FIA Calendar.
Swift snippets.

25th November: Feature: 1983 Cannonball.

23rd November: Musical chairs in UK Pro Mod, part 1.
Musical chairs in UK Pro Mod, part 2.

22nd November: Zeon's retrospective DVDs released.

21st November: Stu interview on video.
HOFtalk 10 published.
No-prep at Melbourne.

20th November: Happy 90th John Bennett!

19th November: Attention SPRC Perpetual trophy holders.
Swift snippets.

16th November: Malta Finals coverage, PBs.

15th November: Moore power for Jedd.
Swift snippets.

14th November: Frosty retires.

13th November: RRC Anger Management build gallery.
'Tree Air Freshener launched.

12th November: Malta Hal Far Finals preview.
Swift snippets.

9th November: Feature: 1975 Wroughton Tor Line FC Championship.

6th November: Nitro Revival poster offer.
Swift snippets.

5th November: Flame & Thunder highlights video.
Web site updates.

4th November: Pro Mod for sale - hardly used.

3rd November: Greek drag scene.

2nd November: Magazine update.
New web sites for Williams Bros.

1st November: Flame & Thunder galleries.

31st October: Dragtastic 4 cancelled.

30th October: SHRA Mantorp Winter Nats 2020.
Nitro Revival postponed indefinitely.

29th October: Swift snippets.

28th October: RRC Roger Moore build gallery.

27th October: Walle's new Camaro.

26th October: Dakota cash prize grudge race.
Web site updates.

25th October: Snake book out 15 November.
Swift snippets.

24th October: JT smells the nitro.
Video update.

22nd October: Unusual positions vacant.
6 Appeal feature.
Venom auction.
National Finals ACU report.

21st October: Jolink building for the future.

20th October: SPR Private Test Day gallery, results.

19th October: Dad v Grandad Junior Dragster Challenge.
Final Covid Cup points.

18th October: Julie wins Gainesville - at Motorplex.
RRC - Chris Orthodoxou build gallery.

15th October: HARA keeps the faith.

14th October: Melbourne media.
EDRS Champions profiled - bike classes.

13th October: EDRS Champions profiled - car classes.
Unusual car sales update.

12th October: Drag Racing Europe update.
Swift snippets.

11th October: VWDRC Heads-Up report.

10th October: October private test day needs racers.
Voodoo Hemi update.

9th October: This weekend: two events in the UK.
Bike records broken at Clastres.
Clastres results, media.

8th October: Hodson returns - and wins.
Race report: Mälardalen Open #4 at Kjula Dragway.

7th October: Tierp applies for 2021 FIA events.
Tallhed #2 EDRS race report.

6th October: Gardermoen Drag Finals report.
Bonneville 2021, here we (and maybe you) come!
Storm Drag Bike requires crew.

5th October: STP National Finals bike notes.

4th October: STP National Finals car notes.

3rd October: Sjödin aims for 2021.
Mental Breakdown on video.

2nd October: Stig Olsson.
Time Travel originals on Youtube.
Swift snippets.

1st October: British Drag Racing Hall of Fame names new Honorary Chair.
BDRHoF Member returns to NHRA winner’s circle.

News in
NSRA Hot Rod Drags Outlaw Anglia review.
Zeon TV's new retrospective series.
Covid Cup winners.
STP UK National Finals racer update.
Holley joins Williams Bros.
Billy flies the flag at Clastres.
NSRA Hot Rod Drags results.
World Electric Record at SPR.
Not The Euro Finals highlights.
Hutchinson & Dibley expand prize money.
VW Breakout results.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.