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Liam Holgate (Junior Drag Bike)
Latest news:

27th March: Smax feels the heat in Florida.
Swift snippets.

25th March: UK event entry update.
Malta's own Mister Six.

23rd March: Top Fuel Dragster SFI spec updated.

22nd March: SCR open gates for 2017.
Swift snippets.
How to join in the Havoc.

21st March: SFI Tour hits Santa Pod.
Swift snippets.
Mummy Stone remembered.

19th March: UK Championship class sponsors.
Swift snippets.
Fifty Years of Nitro Thunder.
PMR's double date.

16th March: Mary (Mummy) Stone.
2017 European Top Gas calendar.
FIM Europe prepare for 2017...
...whilst Holmberg forgets 2016.
Swift snippets.
London Motor Show SPRC discount.
BDRHoF Gala sponsorship update.

14th March: UK event entry update.

13th March: Havoc: The inside track.

10th March: Something for the weekend.
Webster's Battery of assistance.
No trouble at the Mills.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

8th March: Festival of Power entry.
Swift snippets.

7th March: STTG, ET Bike run at Big Bang.
Swift snippets.

6th March: The Undertaker goes cold.
March Meet update IV.
Swift snippets.
Electric shock Hazard.

5th March: APIRA Perpetual Award winners.
March Meet update III.

4th March: March Meet update II.
Advanced backing for Gough.

3rd March: March Meet update I.
UK event entry update.
Tet has to sit it out.

2nd March: The Englishmen abroad.
Alders offer transmission dyno.

1st March: UK electronic rule book update.
FIM Europe SSB Round 1 entry open.
Welcome Dyno Unlimited.

28th February: And the winner is...
Reminder: £1000 to win Super Gas.

27th February: Lucas Oil continue Junior support.

26th February: UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting report.
Swift snippets.

25th February: SPRC event entry update.
Kirstie seeks lady racers' help.
Supertwins go Dutch.
Priddle book Blog update.

24th February: Reminders I and II.
Success for our sponsors.
Swift snippets.
VP's Eastern Europe distributor.

22nd February: Hall of Fame Gala changes venue.

20th February: Walters chases the missing Six.
See Jackson for racewear and more.
APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 6.
Web site updates.

19th February: Quiz benefits Bloodwise.
Murty on barriers.

17th February: Summit Racing back EDRS.
King of America?
No Prep looking at York.
UK Top Sportsman #7.

16th February: Outlaw Street 2017.

15th February: Glad and sad.
Malmgren signs ARP at PRI.
All welcome to refettled Jurby.
The original Stat Guy speaks.
A word from a sponsor...
...and a word to our sponsors.

13th February: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 5.
Swift snippets.

12th February: SPRC Presentation gallery.
SPRC Perpetual Award winners.

10th February: York Raceway fights threat.
The Army game.
Night of the Outlaws.

9th February: Johansson working towards return.
Get well soon Eileen!
Europeans abroad.

8th February: Fireforce 3 to star in Bahrain.
SPR driver-ambassador vacancy.
Neergaard's thanks.
APIRA Trophy Night: Final call.

6th February: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 4.
ATD close out 2016.
Swift snippets.
Grimes returns to Europe.
Pro Mod: Get Inside.

4th February: SPRC Dinner Dance: urgent message.

3rd February: Tom Larman.

1st February: SPRC's Super Street double-header.
Introducing Extreme Outlaw.
Presenting your winners...
A quarter century of Outlaw Anglia.

30th January: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 3.

29th January: Ålund to drive the Old 51.

28th January: Bellio breathes easy...
...and offers 4000 hp dyno.
Swift snippets.

27th January: 2017 European SFI Tour confirmed.
To the arena, and make it snappy.
Announcing PTTM Drag Racing.
Here, read the manual.

25th January: More on Snell 2005 helmets.
SPR/DFDS ferry discount continues.
Swift snippets.
No Prep Nationals entry open.

24th January: Stunt Fest race vehicles sought.
Swift snippets.

23rd January: Why Chrysler Hemis are sought.
Bartlett on SPR, Europe and more.
APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 2.
Web site updates.

21st January: Lee pens Priddle biography.
Dial-In Day 2017.
NFAA's 2017 agenda.
Swift snippets.
Serck get it right at SCR.
Web site updates.

20th January: Editor's note.

18th January: APIRA Perpetual Awards vote 1.
APIRA Trophy Night bookings.
Vegter hits the Red Line.

17th January: 2017 UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting.
UK SFI Tour date.
Baby pictures sought for quiz.
Havoc approaching The Colonies.

16th January: '69 Bruce turns Pro ET 69.

15th January: Autosport International report.
Feature: 40th Man Cup World Finals.

14th January: Dutch SFI Tour date.

13th January: No Mercy: the rebirth.
Swift snippets.

12th January: Jackson's new colours unveiled.
SPR seek Chrysler hemis for PR.
£1000 to win Super Gas.
All set for Autosport International.
A Super Star, as we all knew...
Swift snippets.
Spirit of 76.
Lucas Oil sponsor SCR lane.
Jet stream forecast to hit SPR.

11th January: Time to scratch the itch!

9th January: Snell 2005 helmets in Germany.
UK Nostalgia Superstock calendar.
Swift snippets.
SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 5.

7th January: At sixes and sevens.

5th January: SPR get busy at Autosport.

4th January: Lindberg joins Head.

3rd January: French ATD review of 2016.
Swift snippets.

2nd January: SPRC Dinner Dance hotel bookings.
SPRC Perpetual Awards vote 3.

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An invitation to burn out.
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SA 2005 crash helmet expiry II.
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Birgitte takes on the Gladiator.
Gough returns.
2017 Italian Championship.
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The dreams of a four-year-old.
Wild Bunch do the honours.
HOFtalk III on-line.
Muscle cars not required.
UK Nostalgia FC grows.
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Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.