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Adrian Gough (VW Sportsman)
Latest news:

21st August: NitrOlympX results.

18th August: Open Sport Nationals entry update.

17th August: Racers invited to promote Finals.

16th August: Remembering Sag.

15th August: Event entry update.
Moores announce retirement.
Germany calling.
Three Englishmen on Fuel.

14th August: £200,000 to save York Raceway.
Two tributes.
Swift snippets.
Success at Clastres.
UK Top Sportsman review.
Web site updates.

12th August: Hockenheim track prep report.
Event entry update.

10th August: Sag Southworth.
Mini in the Park demos sought.
Swift snippets.
Event entry update.

9th August: Smoke and nonsense.
Swift snippets.
European Top Gas Round 3 report.

7th August: Ready for all comers.
Swift snippets.
Smax and the maddening TAFC.

5th August: Dave Burfitt.
Swift snippets.
Have you seen this caravan?

3rd August: Demos sought for Junior Fun Day.
The pitfalls of steel.
Street Car Shootout pictures.

2nd August: Ballooning in Canada.
Swift snippets.

1st August: Ted Peddle.
Of Vipers and lamb shanks.
Swift snippets.

31st July: Mopar EuroNationals results.

30th July: Swift snippets.

29th July: Warpspeed for Hockenheim.

28th July: From £907 to £1000?
Swift snippets.
DFDS ferry discount continues.
A Kalitta collective at BDRHoF Gala.
Web site updates.

27th July: Bug Jam racer credit.

26th July: 50 Shades of Macmillan.
Swift snippets.
Mopars Perfection extended.
Weekend webcasts.

25th July: Event entry update.

24th July: Feature: Bowling Green Blog.
Bug Jam rained out.
Swift snippets.
Bennetts join the Posse.

22nd July: Won the Circus, won the Wars.
Nearly set for the salt.
Web site updates.

21st July: Swift snippets.
No Prep, no problem.
Allard Awards still open.

20th July: Event entry update.
Mopar EuroNats racer update.
Pursley takes Street Racer title.

19th July: And the prize goes to...
Swift snippets.
Bug Jam Perfect Awards.

18th July: Bug Jam racer update.

17th July: Diapers at the NitrOlympX.
Dragstalgia results.

15th July: Bradbury inducted into Hall of Fame.

14th July: British Drag Racing Hall of Fame 2017.
Dragstalgia: The Ever-Presents.
SPR Junior Fun Day entry.
More money for UK Top Sportsman.
Swift snippets.

13th July: Northern Summer Nationals review.

12th July: NitrOlympX Junior Dragster harnesses.
Web site updates.

11th July: FAO Super Street Bike racers.
Dragstalgia racer and fan update.
Another Perfect Dragstalgia bonus.
An old-school reunion.
The retirement is off!
Ålund doubles up again.
Swift snippets.

10th July: Hockenheim prepping to prep.
Double your numbers.
Swift snippets.

9th July: Mister Six goes to Dragstalgia.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

8th July: Terry Chandler.
Swift snippets.
Coffee + cake = cancer beaten.
Reunited and it feels so good...

7th July: Event entry update.
500% for Panda... we can do it.

6th July: Dragstalgia bike preview.
Smax rocks Jersey.
Web site updates.

4th July: Event entry update.
An Anniversary to remember.
Guess the outcome...
Swift snippets.
Gun for hire.

2nd July: Your Sunday winners.
Swift snippets.

1st July: Bond's thanks.
A Stocker in waiting.
Walters' season so far.
Gasserly love.
Swift snippets.
K&N Filters back the Bennetts.
Lindtek join VP distributors.

30th June: Bug Jam entry update.
Drag racing does Goodwood.
Editor's note.

28th June: SFI issue Non-Compliance Notice.
Bug Jam entry update.
SPRC prize money, Comp update.
NSRA Nostalgia Nationals galleries.
SPRC Summernationals snippets.
Priddle's birthday banner day.
Swift snippets.
Doorslammers head for North Weald.

26th June: SPRC Summernationals curtailed.

23rd June: Ben 'Panda' Butler.
Bug Jam entry update.

22nd June: BMW Show demo vehicles sought.
£2000 for Finals Super Gas win.
Goring seeks Jet FC crew.
Swift snippets.
Bonneville: The return.
Web site updates.
SPRC Summernationals Perfect Awards.

21st June: Everyone knew, save the winners...
50 Shades of greenbacks.
Swift snippets.

20th June: Summernationals racer update.
Bug Jam entry update. Sportsman ET.

18th June: Tierp Internationals results.

15th June: From air strip to drag strip.
Did drag racing start in Eire?
Street and Strip back Ruaridh.
Get Well Soon Panda!

13th June: Three Gumbys and a Fuel Altered.
Overpowered and over here.
£1000 for York's Street Racer Champion.

12th June: Feature: 1970s Santa Pod gallery.
Bartlett on the Main Event.
European Top Gas Round 2 review.

11th June: What he said would never happen...
Swift snippets.
Main Event Street Eliminator review.

9th June: Spot available for No Prep race.

7th June: She Devil and the history books.
Swift snippets.
Smax drills The Sarge.

6th June: Retro Show demo vehicles sought.
Serck Motorsport back Outlaw Anglia.
Swift snippets.

5th June: NitrOlympX entry forms posted.
Sportsmen welcome to Jade Race.

4th June: Three holes better...
Shifting sands.
King does Valdosta.
New car, new class... same outcome.
Nicholson evokes Churchill.
Volkspower Powerfest report.
Shining in Toronto.
Swift snippets.

3rd June: Swift snippets.

2nd June: Last call for Dragstalgia Invitational.
Swift snippets.

1st June: Corbeau harness recall.
Event entry update.
FIA/FIM Main Event snippets.

30th May: FIA/FIM Main Event rained out.

24th May: Time to mark Lindström's prep.
Tooren's long lists.
Swift snippets.
A testing weekend.
FIA/FIM Main Event Perfect Awards.
FIA/FIM Main Event coverage.

23rd May: Event entry update.
Curbishley gets a Fix.
Maurischat seeks a smooth ride.
Laseur's narrowed rear end.
Swift snippets.
Gibbs receives HoF Achievement Award.
Look for the gold logo.

22nd May: Race, Rock'n'Ride results.
Main Event snippets.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

20th May: They do move in herds...

19th May: FIA/FIM Main Event racer update.
Faster still Fil.
From Stavdal to Santa Pod.
Main Event snippets.

18th May: Top Gas at Malmö.
School's in.
Race, Rock'n'Ride Perfect Awards.
Web site updates.
Straightliners back BDRHoF Gala.

17th May: Race, Rock'n'Ride Friday gates change.
Roadworks near SPR next week.
Anita's bid to scare Stig.
Phoenix Dragway arises.
Swift snippets.

16th May: Top Gas at Hoskovice.
Swift snippets.
Sixteen go to No Prep Nats.

15th May: Vegter: We'll make it.
Swift snippets.
When Smax out-qualified Britanny...

12th May: Simpson Voyager 2 helmets recalled.
Swift snippets.
Graham, Leong, Emery for BDRHoF Gala.

11th May: Race, Rock'n'Ride racer update.
Swift snippets.
More tributes to Phil Cornish.
UK Top Sportsman update.

9th May: Feature: Famous names in France.
FAO Coldfire users.
Latest spy picture revealed.
The PMR quartet.

8th May: Phil Cornish's funeral.
Presenting the Ugly Sister.
Swift snippets.

7th May: Help urgently sought.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

6th May: SPR Junior Fun Day entry open.
Swift snippets.
Smax at the 4 Wides.
Off to a flyer at York.
Web site updates.

5th May: Phil Cornish.

4th May: Pick-ups invited to Truxx Factor.
When it can only get better...
Hosts sought for Main Event VIPs.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
BDRHoF Allard Award entry open.

3rd May: Swift snippets.

2nd May: Springspeed Nationals curtailed.
Swift snippets.

29th April: Event entry update.
Web site updates.

28th April: Street Eliminator Round 1 review.
Swift snippets.

27th April: Flash is back!
Event entry update.
Springspeed Nationals racer update.
Netherlands' organisations join forces.
SPRC warning to racers and crew.
Swift snippets.

26th April: Event entry update.
Testing offered at Race, Rock'n'Ride.
Outlaw Anglias are go!
Swift snippets.
Springspeed Nationals Perfect Awards.
Web site updates.
IOPD and Rat Trap back BDRHoF Gala.

25th April: Event entry update.
Morris crosses the Pond.
Habermanns announce 2017 sponsors.
Read returns to Dragstalgia.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

24th April: Big Bang results.
APIRA event entry update.
Swift snippets.

22nd April: Event entry update.
Swift snippets.
York Raceway Easter review.
Web site updates.

21st April: FIA Top Methanol handicap announced.
UK Parent / Guardian licences.
APIRA event entry update.
All aboard for VWDRC Round 2.
ATD welcome all to Clastres.

20th April: VWDRC offered Two Seater discount.
Swift snippets.

19th April: APIRA event entry update.
Havoc adds fourth US date.
Swift snippets.
The Lady finds her way again.
Big Bang Perfect Awards.

18th April: Important messages from SPRC.
Feature: Webster Race Engineering.
Help Oscar help the Hospice.
Swift snippets.

16th April: Festival of Power results.

12th April: BDRHoF Gala to fête Juniors again.

11th April: Festival of Power racer update.
Big Bang racer update.
Malmgren signs Aeromotive.
Going Perfect with York Raceway.
Brown's Pro ET return.
More money for UK Top Sportsman.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
Pit Guides sought at Main Event.

9th April: Weekend galleries.
Decals available this weekend.

7th April: Perfect Awards 2017.
Nicholson set for 2017.

6th April: Archie's eight-year wait ends.
A Beastly Audi.
Thanks to Paul Foote Ink.
Swift snippets.
King confirms USA for 2017.
Web site updates.

4th April: Are you the mystery girl?
The Clencher rolls away.
Kicking off the Dart era.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
New partners in education.

3rd April: The 'Bird hatches.
Swift snippets.

1st April: (Lots) more on LEDs.
Swift snippets.
Even more burnouts at Santa Pod.

31st March: Attention FIM Europe racers.
SPR Tree goes LED.
Electric Juniors for UK.
Swift snippets.
VP Racing Fuels renew SPR contingency.

29th March: UK event entry update.
One Daimler good, two...
Swift snippets.
Fast Show Live.
Web site updates.
US Automotive back BDRHoF Gala.

27th March: Smax feels the heat in Florida.
Swift snippets.

25th March: UK event entry update.
Malta's own Mister Six.

23rd March: Top Fuel Dragster SFI spec updated.

22nd March: SCR open gates for 2017.
Swift snippets.
How to join in the Havoc.

21st March: SFI Tour hits Santa Pod.
Swift snippets.
Mummy Stone remembered.

19th March: UK Championship class sponsors.
Swift snippets.
Fifty Years of Nitro Thunder.
PMR's double date.

16th March: Mary (Mummy) Stone.
2017 European Top Gas calendar.
FIM Europe prepare for 2017...
...whilst Holmberg forgets 2016.
Swift snippets.
London Motor Show SPRC discount.
BDRHoF Gala sponsorship update.

14th March: UK event entry update.

13th March: Havoc: The inside track.

10th March: Something for the weekend.
Webster's Battery of assistance.
No trouble at the Mills.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.

8th March: Festival of Power entry.
Swift snippets.

7th March: STTG, ET Bike run at Big Bang.
Swift snippets.

6th March: The Undertaker goes cold.
March Meet update IV.
Swift snippets.
Electric shock Hazard.

5th March: APIRA Perpetual Award winners.
March Meet update III.

4th March: March Meet update II.
Advanced backing for Gough.

3rd March: March Meet update I.
UK event entry update.
Tet has to sit it out.

2nd March: The Englishmen abroad.
Alders offer transmission dyno.

1st March: UK electronic rule book update.
FIM Europe SSB Round 1 entry open.
Welcome Dyno Unlimited.

News in
And the winner is...
Reminder: £1000 to win Super Gas.
Lucas Oil continue Junior support.
UK Riders' and Drivers' Meeting report.
Supertwins go Dutch.
Priddle book Blog update.
Reminders I and II.
Success for our sponsors.
VP's Eastern Europe distributor.
Hall of Fame Gala changes venue.
Walters chases the missing Six.
See Jackson for racewear and more.
Quiz benefits Bloodwise.
Summit Racing back EDRS.
King of America?
No Prep looking at York.
UK Top Sportsman #7.
Outlaw Street 2017.
Glad and sad.
Malmgren signs ARP at PRI.
All welcome to refettled Jurby.
The original Stat Guy speaks.
SPRC Presentation gallery.
SPRC Perpetual Award winners.
York Raceway fights threat.
The Army game.
Night of the Outlaws.
Johansson working towards return.
Neergaard's thanks.
ATD close out 2016.
Grimes returns to Europe.
Pro Mod: Get Inside.
SPRC's Super Street double-header.
Introducing Extreme Outlaw.
Presenting your winners...
A quarter century of Outlaw Anglia.
Event coverage.
Features and interviews.
Swift snippets.
Web site updates.
...and much more.